Loyal Customer Relationships Through Time

80% of our business comes through referrals, and we often get called back to a home over and over

We saw this house for the first time several years ago and quoted entry doors for the front and the garage and a sliding patio door in the rear.

It seemed that they were undecided about the color and design, so I asked them to take their time, and consider all their future projects so the elements would work together when they were done.

A year later, they decided to move ahead with the doors, and we installed what they had selected.

Some time later, we were called back to look at replacing the roof and buttoning up siding that had been blown off in a windstorm

We installed the roof.
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Another year passed, and we were brought in to replace the siding. they selected a product that coordinated with the roof color. at that time, we suggested that the dormers be repaired and applied a maintenance free covering in a matching color.


Future projects include painting the white brick and installing decorative columns to the porch area of the house.

We always appreciate homeowners who trust us with repeat jobs. They know that we will “sweat the details” with them to get a polished design and a quality installation.

We do everything possible to earn the continuing trust, including having our senior contractor on site for every job.

These photographs are from a single home where we started our first project several years ago.

We proposed replacing the front entry door and sidelights, a new entry door to the garage, and a sliding patio door in the rear.

We heard from them a year later, after suggesting that they make sure about the design and color

Our prices are always good until the wholesale price of the job changes. There’s never any pressure to decide right away, because the work that we do should last for decades.

We received another call long after the doors were installed asking us to quote a roof replacement.

On that occasion, the contract was signed about a year later. At that time, we were asked to button up some wind damage to the siding, and quote the siding replacement. The siding needed to coordinate with the roofing and give the home a polished look.

To do that, we installed siding that has the look and thickness of real lumber. Because of these special materials, we built out the windows to improve the proportions and allow the frames to cast shadows just like wood windows on a new clapboard house.


With that project complete, we covered the dormers in maintenance free materials that were an exact match to the siding. each dormer has more than a dozed hand made pieces that cover the   really want, and we get to be proud of the jobs that we complete. Making people happy is a wonderful job to have.


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