After 25 years of providing energy efficient replacement windows, focusing on Howard County Homes, we understand the five features that everyone wants from their new windows.

Howard County Window Replacement
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They are as follows;

  • The ability for both sashes to Tilt in
    • Makes for easy cleaning of the outside of the glass
  • Maintenance Free
    • No exterior painting or re-glazing of the glass
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Lowering the ever-rising energy bill
  • Form a weather-tight seal
    • Eliminating drafts
  • Beautiful
    • Visually appealing

95% of all replacement windows on the market today claim to have these five features

But Do They?

Visually, most replacement windows look the same.


How do you know if you are getting a quality replacement window?

All American made replacement windows are sent to an independent company to be tested and rated.

The company is called the National Fenestration Ratings Council and they only test and rate (not sell) replacement windows.

The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) independently tests and gives replacement windows two energy performance ratings and three addition performance ratings

These ratings are as follows;

Energy Performance Rating

  • U-Factor
    • This rating measures the amount of heat leaving your home in the winter
      • The lower this number, the more energy efficient the window
        • As of 2021 this number needs to be .30 or lower to receive an Energy Star Certification
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
    • This rating measures the amount of heat allowed in during the summer months
      • Allowing your air conditioner to click on and off all day long.
      • The lower this number, the more energy efficient the window

Additional Performance Rating

  • Visible Transmittance
    • Rates the amount of visible light allowed
      • The higher the number the better
        • However, there is a delicate balance between allowing in visible light and solar light/heat
          • The more Low E coating applied to the glass to block solar heat, the more visible light is blocked
  • Air Leakage
    • Rates the amount of air allowed in from the outside
    • This number needs to be low (less than .10)
      • You do not want to replace your old drafty windows with new drafty windows
  • Condensation Resistance
    • Rates the ability of the window to keep moisture from the outside coming inside
      • The higher the number the better
        • This number is usually lower when there is a metal spacer in between the two panes of glass
          • Metal and glass expand and contract at different rates
            • Which can cause Argon gas leakage
            • Condensation/ice forming on the inside pane of glass

After testing and rating, NFRC places a sticker on the inside of the window sash. This sticker acts like a report card showing the performance of your window.

You should not purchase windows that do not have the NFRC rating.

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