Windows on houses on rolling hills like Monrovia and New Market may need different installation techniques than city residences.

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Manufacturers design their doors and windows to be weather resistant in a variety of environments.

Some of the variables include sun exposure, heat, cold, and wind.

When we make a recommendation for a door on your home, we take those variables into consideration to give you the best performance.

For example, stained finishes are generally not appropriate for southern or western exposures, due to fading. A portico or trees can mitigate this effect.

Houses with a lot of land around them and hilly terrain can experience wind driven rain that can cause leaks.

Areas like Monrovia and New Market MD have houses that need special installation techniques that solve these potential problems. We install metal pans under the thresholds of houses without overhangs or protection from wind to keep water out. We also install metal drip edges to the top of doors where required to keep water running down the face of the house from coming inside.

Coastal areas like Annapolis have their own set of issues that require special installations. Direct wind from salt water has the same issues as the Piedmont homes, but stainless hinges are necessary to maintain long life.

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Let us come survey your so so we can make a recommendation specific to your house, and your property.

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