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As we mention all over our website, we’ll always give you a written quote for anything we do, and that includes replacement windows.

We will show you all our examples for you to choose from, measure up and give you the EXACT PRICE with EVERYTHING included.

We encourage you to shop around and compare! We are that confident we cannot be beaten on quality or price for the superb products and genuine service we provide.

Remember, when other installers say “the price is today only”, our price good for when you’re ready come to back to us, or until the materials price changes.

We will let you know if we’re told of any upcoming price increases from the manufacturers.

Whatever type of exterior home door you require, give us a call for a free estimate.

We undertake the whole aspect of replacement door installation.

This is what we include:

  • The Door with Frame
  • New Molding inside and out
  • Metal Cladding on the Exterior Molding and Jamb
  • Painted Interior Jambs and Molding
  • A New Threshold
  • A new Lock and Deadbolt
  • Matching Ball Bearing Hinges
  • Caulk
  • Taxes
  • Labor
  • Clean up
  • Disposal of everything we remove.

And we follow that up with a final inspection with the homeowner.


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Replacement Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are a popular type of window that consists of two sashes (movable panels) that slide vertically within the frame.

The unique feature of double hung windows is that both the upper and lower sashes can be moved independently. This allows for flexible ventilation options, as you can open either the top or bottom sash, or both simultaneously.

Double hung windows often have a tilt-in feature, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. They are a versatile choice for any room and provide a classic, timeless look to your home’s windows.

You know why it feels like all your neighbors have those double hung windows? Well, that’s because they’re the most popular type of windows in the U.S.!

These windows are made up of two parts, an upper and lower sash, that can be moved up and down separately. And guess what? Each sash can also tilt inward, making it super easy to clean and maintain.

So, if you’re thinking about getting new windows for your home, especially for those second-story ones where cleaning from the inside is a priority, double hung replacement windows are definitely a fantastic option to consider.

The most popular window type

replacement double hung windows

Replacement Sliding Windows

Maybe you’ve seen those cool windows from the mid-century era that slide horizontally instead of up and down? They’re called horizontal sliding windows, and they were all the rage back then.

They operate just like single or double hung windows, but they slide left and right instead of vertically. You can find replacement slider windows in different configurations.

Some have two horizontal-moving sashes, known as 2- and 3-lite units. And then there are single slider windows available with certain brands, where one sash moves while the other remains fixed.

These sliding windows are perfect for places like above the kitchen sink or any room where you want good ventilation.

They’re great on their own, but you can also pair them up with picture windows to create a fantastic combo.


Improve home ventilation and curb appeal

replacement sliding windows

Replacement Casement Windows & Awning Windows

The main difference between vinyl casement and awning windows is the location of the hinge? Both types of windows are super easy to use, with a single sash that opens and closes using a crank handle. Vinyl casement windows have a hinge on the left or right side, while awning windows have their hinge at the top.

These windows are perfect for tight spaces like over cabinets or sinks where it can often be hard to operate them. Thanks to their stationary crank handle, you can easily control the amount of airflow that comes in through the window.

 One of the great advantages of awning windows is that they can be left open even during light rainy days, thanks to their rain-preventing design. Plus, both types of windows have a fold-away handle, making it easy to keep them out of the way of furniture and window treatments.

 Casement windows are perfect for taller windows, while wider ones work best with awning windows. So, next time you’re considering replacing your windows, keep these things in mind!



Perfect for great airflow

Casement and awning windows

Replacement Hopper Windows

Hey there! Have you ever heard of hopper windows? They’re a unique type of window with a single sash that opens inward from the top, kind of like an upside-down awning window. These windows are perfect for spaces like basements, bathrooms, or laundry rooms where privacy is important but you still want to get some fresh air and natural light.

The best thing about hopper windows is that they’re small and versatile, so you can install them in various locations. Plus, they come in a range of design options to match your style. They’re a great choice for homeowners who want to improve airflow and brightness in their homes without sacrificing privacy or security.

Another cool feature of hopper windows is that they can be used as an exterior outlet for dryer vents when paired with a small, insulated picture window or another type of window. This not only adds value to your home, but it also maintains the functionality and aesthetics of your space. So, next time you’re looking to upgrade your home’s windows, consider hopper windows!

Providing light and ventilation with some privacy

Hopper window installation

Picture Windows

Picture windows are windows that are fixed, i.e. they don’t open or close, they just stay in one place.

They’re perfect for any room in your home, especially in areas where you don’t want open windows to get in the way of things like your garden, deck, or pathways. The best thing about picture windows is that they give you a clear and uninterrupted view of the beautiful outdoor scenery.

If you have a big picture window, you can use it to replace any other type of window in order to let in lots of natural light and enjoy a spacious view.

Not only do replacement picture windows enhance the look of your home, but they are windows designed to be energy efficient, so you can save on those ever-increasing energy costs.

You can even group several large picture windows together to create an amazing panoramic view or pair them with casement or double hung windows to allow for airflow when needed.

Bring the outdoors inside

Picture window installation

Garden Windows

Garden windows have long been a popular choice for kitchen windows, especially those right behind the sink. They’re great for letting in extra light and creating a space where you can grow small plants or herbs.

But the kitchen is not the only place to install a garden window! Garden windows can also be used in the bathroom or your den as a special nook to display decorative items.

They have a unique three-dimensional design which allows garden windows to add depth to any room and also give your home’s exterior an attractive look.

We offer custom-made garden windows made of vinyl. These windows consist of two casement windows that can be opened and closed, along with two fixed sashes that don’t move.

Each of the opening windows come complete with a screen installed to keep bugs outside. Our garden windows can also be equipped with one or two adjustable glass shelves with polished edges, along with brackets and standards to hold them in place.


Add curb appeal and improve ventilation

garden window installer

Bay and Bow Windows

A wonderful way to make your home’s exterior literally stand out with stunning curb appeal, is to add a bow or a bay window. Bow and bay windows are made up of multiple windows placed side by side at different angles.

The difference between a bay window and a bow window is simple:

Bay windows consist of a larger window in the center, with narrower windows, set at an angle, on each side. These windows can be fixed, double hung, or casement.

Bow window are made up of four or more windows of equal-size set at angles to create a curved shape. Like bay windows, the components of a bow window can also be fixed, double hung, or casement.

If you’re considering replacing a set of double hung windows or a regular picture window, a bay or bow window replacement would look stunning in a living room or master suite.

These windows often come with a window seat, providing a cozy bright spot to sit, read, or simply enjoy the view.

Create a focal point to your home’s exterior

Bay and bow window installer

Architectural Windows

Looking to add a special touch to your home’s appearance? Custom-made window shapes, also known as architectural windows, are a fantastic choice to do just that.

Allowing you to add your personal “stamp”, they can really enhance the curb appeal of your home and add a stunning finishing touch to the exterior of any home.

Architectural windows come in all manner of shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a totally unique look for your home. Use them as a standalone focal point or combine them with other windows to create a fabulous view of your house.

These windows will make your space brighter and more inviting while complementing your home’s style and bringing in more natural light. They look especially great when placed above other types of windows or over patio doors.

You can choose whether they are fixed in place or can be opened. The flexibility of designs are pretty much only limited by one’s imagination.

Let’s have a look at your ideas and we’ll tell you exactly what can be done and give you the exact inclusive price.

Stunning shapes that captivate the imagination

custom architectural windows

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