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Replacement Home Roof

Roof Replacement

Feel Good About Replacing Your Roof

A good quality replacement roofing installation can take the worry out of a rainy night. Knowing that your family is safe and dry is a great feeling!

Roofing is an unusual industry because everyone uses shingles from the same manufacturers. You would think that picking out the right roofer would be all about price, and you would be wrong.

It’s not all about the appearance; it’s about what’s underneath! We do a complete survey of your roof to determine what is usable and what needs to be replaced. Then we show you what your choices are when it comes time to do the project. From seals to ventilation, we let you know exactly what it takes to get a beautiful roof that will last.

Our crews have many years of experience meeting the exacting standards of shingle manufacturers, so you know the job will be done right.

In order to install a good replacement roof, you need more than shingles. We start with the wood under the shingles to make sure that it is rot free and stable. We also want to see that your roof is flat and true so that your house looks crisp and new for years to come.

We install ice and water shield to all the eves and valleys make sure it stays water tight. We then apply felt to your roof and install the shingles of your choice.

It can be difficult to imagine what a new roof will look like, so we offer computer imaging services to help you decide. We’ll take a digital picture of your roof, then overlay the shingles so you can see how on your home. A simple change like architectural shingles can make a world of difference to the curb appeal of your house.

Call us to discuss your project, or fill in the form below to get started. We’ll come to survey your home, and let you know what your choices are. Don’t wait for a leak before you investigate the condition of your roof!

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