Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular, but are not all the same. Different materials and installation methods yield very different results.

Aluminum is the softest metal typically used for metal roofing. It is corrosion and relatively inexpensive.

Steel is not inherently corrosion resistant, and needs coatings to protect it from the elements. Heavy steel panels are made and coated at a factory, then shipped on a flat bed truck to your building for assembly. This is the most expensive option, and is used for commercial applications.

GALVALUME is a composite metal roofing material that is much more resistant to degradation than galvanized steel. There are roofs that have lasted 60 years, and are still serviceable. It is available in a variety of colors.

Metal Roofs can be made in several types. Flat sheet roofing has been used, as well as corrugated profiles commonly seen in agricultural applications.

Standing seam metal roofs are trending in residential roofs.

They can be installed with a crimping tool to join the panels, or with a snap lock with hidden screws holding the panels in place. Snap lock panels can be replaced if needed when service is required.

Be sure to look into these options when considering a durable roof for your home.

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