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Replacement doors come in two basic configurations. One type replaces the wood frame and threshold, the other mounts a steel “L” frame to the old frame that holds the hinges and stroke plate.

The price of either is about the same.

High quality steel doors from our company start at $2,650.00 for a complete job.

That includes the door with frame, new molding inside and out, metal cladding on the exterior molding and jamb, painted interior jambs and molding, a new threshold, a new lock and deadbolt, matching ball bearing hinges, caulk, taxes, labor, and disposal. Everything.

Lightweight discount doors are only a couple of hundred dollars less, and we don’t sell them because we rely on referral customers. When people don’t get a good products, they won’t refer their neighbors.

Replacing your door a second time is a huge waste of money.

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Most companies won’t tell you how much they charge when you call because they want to come to your home and give a long sales pitch. If they can convince you that the door is worth $6,000, they will offer you a huge discount if you “buy today”.

Getting a $6,000 door for $4,500 is not a good deal. It’s the same door you can buy for $2,300 from a reputable contractor.

Replacement Doors Buckeystown MD

That’s why we always quote you in writing and let you shop around. People who want to overcharge you can’t afford to let you shop around.

There are a lot of options that impact the price, like custom sizes, two tone paint jobs, wood finishes, sidelights, and more. We have literally hundreds of combinations.

Our estimators come to your house with an iPad that show you exactly what the door will look like, and how much it will cost. Many people have difficulty imagining what the door will look like if they see a paint chip or a glass shape without seeing it all together.

Prices are changing quite rapidly, so we guarantee our price is good until the wholesale prices change.

Please take your time and make sure you’re getting a good door at a fair price.

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