One window is very expensive to replace. It can cost $1,500 and up.

The reason is that several trips to your house need to be made, regardless of the number of windows that you’re replacing.

Window Install in Jefferson MD

Window replacement in Jefferson Maryland

First, an estimator or salesperson comes to evaluate what kind of window is needed, and what size is required.There are choices to be made about what type of window you want: operating style, the color, the amount of insulation, etc. usually you will get a written quote.

Second, once you’ve made a purchase, an installation technician comes to the house to take exact measurements so we can order the exact size that you need.

Replacement windows do not come in standard sizes, but need to be made to fit your house.

Third, when the windows are on the loading dock, an appointment will be scheduled to install your new windows.

These three steps are the same whether you order one window or thirty. The price for one window carries a minimum charge to keep the company from losing money on the job. Some companies have a minimum number of windows required to do the work.

Window installation in Jefferson MD

There can be repairs made to existing windows, such as replacing broken glass or fixing a balancer so the windows stay up when you open them. This frequently costs as much or more as a new window, but you avoid the minimum charge for window installations.

Another issue to be considered when replacing windows is matching: Will the replacement window look the same as the rest of the house?

If not, spending a lot on a repair might make sense, even though you now have an expensive old window.The other old windows are just as old as the one that needed repair, so they frequently start to fail at around the same time.

So some forethought is needed to decide whether to replace all the windows, or have the broken ones repaired.

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