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Our Work Speaks For Itself – 80% Of Our Business Comes From Referrals – How May We Help You?


Installers of all types of windows and exterior home doors in Frederick MD and Surrounding Counties.

We’ll give you a written quote for your replacement windows or doors so that you can see the EXACT PRICE and that EVERYTHING is included.

Then we encourage you to shop around and compare!

Our Work Speaks For Itself – 80% Of Our Business Comes From Referrals.

Remember, when other installers say “the price is today only”, our price good for when you’re ready come to back to us, or unless the materials price changes. Not just “Today Only”!

We will let you know if we’re told of any upcoming price increases from the manufacturers.

Whatever type of window or exterior home door you require, give us a call for a free estimate.

You will not find a better price for such high quality craftsmanhip and superb quality windows and doors.

We undertake the every aspect of every installation.

For instance, this is what we include when installing doors:

  • The Door with Frame
  • New Molding inside and out
  • Metal Cladding on the Exterior Molding and Jamb
  • Painted Interior Jambs and Molding
  • A New Threshold
  • A new Lock and Deadbolt
  • Matching Ball Bearing Hinges
  • Caulk
  • Taxes
  • Labor
  • Clean up
  • Disposal of everything we remove.

And we follow that up with a final inspection with the homeowner.


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What our customers are saying…

Based on 12 reviews
Joanna Sabatino
Joanna Sabatino
October 5, 2022
Keith was so kind, and very responsive to my call. I was sheduled for service right away, and he was able to fix my screen door in no time. He answered every question with grace... and I had so many questions!! We had good conversation while he worked, and I learned so much from him. I highly recommend and will definitely use them again.
Philp Camp
Philp Camp
September 2, 2022
I used Maryland Windows Doors and Roofs to replace windows and a patio door. Thom their Sales Representative was very knowledgeable and helpful in selecting the products we ultimately chose. He actually called and kept us up to date during the process (something unheard of these days). The installers were very professional and performed an excellent job. I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again to Maryland Window Doors and Roofs!
Hillary Cochin
Hillary Cochin
March 31, 2022
MD windows Doors Roofs quickly took my call, answered all my questions, and provided the perfect solution for my window needs. HIGHLY recommend!
Larry O
Larry O
March 1, 2022
The siding on the back of my house came off during a heavy windstorm. So, I called someone I trusted to respond quickly and do a quality job at a fair price. I have worked with Keith before. He installed a new roof and on another occasion he installed new gutters. Once again, I couldn't be more satisfied with the response and the work.
David Fish
David Fish
December 30, 2021
Great experience. I had to get a sliding glass door replaced. I was quickly given a quote that was competitive with other contractors. They ordered the door immediately, but in COVID times there was a delay in delivery. The great thing was the communication, keeping me informed of the status. The door was installed today. I was not able to be there , but Thom was on-site with the installers (wearing masks) and sent me pics of the progress. Great company, highly recommend!
Scott Speirs
Scott Speirs
September 9, 2021
I found the team at Maryland Windows Doors Roofs to be incredibly professional. Tom, who performed the initial consultation, was very courteous and professional. He helped identify the perfect front door replacement for our house. He informed us that the door was ready much earlier than we expected. The installation team was friendly and responsive to questions and careful with their installation. At the end of the day, it looked absolutely marvelous and we are so happy with the result. I would recommend Maryland Windows Doors Roofs to anyone!
Mike Di Marco
Mike Di Marco
January 7, 2021
We worked with Maryland Windows Doors Roofs to fix our roof prior to installing solar panels. Keith and his team were incredibly patient in explaining our options and talking us through the best choices for us and our house. The workers were conscientious, timely, and professional. When a different part of the roof (that they did not work on) started leaking, they came back several times to first ensure it wasn't their fault and then second to recommend solutions. When it came time to fix that part of the roof, we did not hesitate to work with them again. If you are looking for a professional roofing job at a good value, I could not recommend this company more highly.
Bruce Press
Bruce Press
January 5, 2021
We contacted Keith about replacing our home's roof after 20 years. Keith was very responsive, professional and truly a pleasure to work with. The proposal was first class and at an extremely competitive price. We worked together to schedule the removal/installation at a time that worked for us while facing shortening days, the holiday season and a pandemic. His team worked diligently to complete all the work in one day with our relatively complicated job of a main roof, garage, porch, screen porch and shed. They came very close, but had to come out the next day to finish the installation ahead of a projected snowfall. I was further impressed with Keith's professionalism when he did not accept final payment until the job was complete and cleaned up to our satisfaction. You can be very confident working with Maryland Windows Doors Roofs.
Terri Collins
Terri Collins
May 26, 2020
This company delivers a high quality product. He really knows his business and offers excellent advice. We've invited this company back for multiple jobs from doors to our roof to siding. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for professional renovations on their home.
Amanda Bruce
Amanda Bruce
March 10, 2020
Top quality roofing and gutters from Maryland Windows Doors Roofs

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Why Choose Us For Your New Or Replacement Front Door Installation?

Because We Listen To You, We Pay Attention To Detail, We Provide High Quality Products, High Quality Workmanship With Honest Pricing.

At Maryland Windows Doors & Roofs we place great importance on meeting the specific needs of our homeowner customers when it comes to Front Entry Doors.

We appreciate that some homeowners prioritize security features for increased protection while others may place more importance on the appearance and curb appeal.

We understand that every home requires its own distinct front door. That’s why we offer such a wide range of entry doors to suit practically any style of home.

We strive to meet the highest quality standards for homeowners who demand excellent craftsmanship.

At Mid Atlantic Doors, our attention to the detail sets us apart from our competitors. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

Every aspect involved in the installation of a replacement front door is considered very carefully. Including features like

  • our aluminum wall thickness exceeding industry standard by 20%;
  • custom heights up to eight feet; reinforced kick panels that add durability;
  • French-door style doors available and styles with removable screens, glass inserts and self-storing screens.

Maryland Windows Doors & Roofs provides homeowners with unparalleled customization through its selection of models and glass options, giving you greater control of how your front door meets both the aesthetic and functional needs for your home.

No matter your home’s unique requirements, Maryland Windows Doors & Roofs has something ideal to meet them!

We know we have just the door for you.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Residential Window or Door Installer for Your Home

Quality over Price

When selecting a home door installer, it’s crucial to prioritize quality over cost. While lightweight discount doors may seem appealing due to their lower price tag, it’s important to note that they often fall short in terms of durability and performance. At our company, we value customer satisfaction and rely on referrals, which is why we do not compromise on the quality of our products.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Replacing a door for a second time can be a significant waste of your hard-earned money. To prevent such unnecessary expenses, it’s essential to choose a reliable and reputable door installer from the beginning. We understand the importance of providing durable and long-lasting doors to our customers, saving you from the hassle and financial burden of having to replace them in the future.

Transparent Pricing

Many companies adopt a strategy of withholding pricing information over the phone, hoping to persuade you with an extensive sales pitch during an in-person visit. They might try to convince you that their doors are worth a substantial amount and offer a “discount” if you make a purchase on the spot. However, this approach can lead to overpaying for a door that can be obtained at a significantly lower price elsewhere. We believe in transparency, providing written quotes and encouraging you to explore other options to ensure you make an informed decision.

Consider Your Options

When selecting a door installer, it’s important to explore different options. Factors such as custom sizes, two-tone paint jobs, wood finishes, sidelights, and more can impact the overall price and aesthetics of your door. We offer a wide range of combinations to suit your preferences and provide our estimators with iPads to showcase exactly how the door will look and its associated cost. This helps you visualize the final result more accurately and make an informed choice.

Price Guarantee

Given the fluctuating nature of prices, we understand the need for reassurance. Therefore, we guarantee that our quoted price will remain valid until any wholesale price changes occur. This ensures that you have peace of mind and can proceed with your decision without worrying about sudden price fluctuations.

Take Your Time

When making a decision about your home’s door, it’s important not to rush. Take your time to thoroughly evaluate the options available to you and ensure that you are receiving a high-quality door at a fair price. By making a well-informed decision, you can avoid any regrets or dissatisfaction with your choice.


We hope these guidelines assist you in selecting a home door installer who prioritizes your needs and offers you the best value for your investment.

A Message From The Owner – Keith Pearcy

Our company, Maryland Windows Doors Roofs, installers of replacement windows and doors, as well as roofs, consistently strives for excellence with integrity in everything that we do.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality products and service is matched by our 100% dedication to honest pricing, that will only change if our suppliers’ prices change. You’ll never hear us say “this price is today only”.

We take great pride in providing accurate information and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to installing the highest quality replacement windows and exterior doors, and giving you the best possible value.

Our transparency and accountability ensures that our customers can always trust the services they are receiving from Maryland Windows Doors Roofs.

Our satisfied customers are our best advertisers.

Please allow us to be the first to provide you with an estimate, if you’re considering replacement windows or exterior doors. We’ll then encourage you to shop around to find a better all inclusive deal.