Your roof and gutters need to work together to keep your home dry and the structure sound. In the roof picture, we see staining on the shingles.

This is a sign of age, but doesn’t automatically  mean that The roof is ready to fail. Modern roof shingles have zinc or copper granules mixed in with the stone granules to keep mold from growing, much like anti fouling paint on the bottom of boats.

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We rarely see this kind of staining on shingles less than 15 years Many shingles of this style were engineered to last 20 years, but there commercial types that were made to a 30 year standard. This matters if you want to install solar panels on your roof, because they typically have a guaranteed electrical output for over twenty years. Why put twenty year panels on a roof that may only have ten years of life left?


The picture shows gaps in the drip edge. This is usually replaced as part of a roof replacement. We have seen insurers only offer to pay for new shingles without replacing the tar paper or drip edges after a wind storm. This usually voids the guarantee from the manufacturer.

The drip edge keeps the waters from your sloped from running behind the gutter instead of into the gutter, the long term result is a wet fascia board that eventually rots.


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