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Metal Roof Questions Answered

Many people have questions about metal roofs Below we answer some of those metal roof questions: We are currently completing a standing seam metal roof on a major addition. The original house had a slate roof with multiple areas that were leaking. We removed the slate and installed synthetic underlayment and ice and water shield […]

Metal Roof Replacement Options

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular, but are not all the same. Different materials and installation methods yield very different results. Aluminum is the softest metal typically used for metal roofing. It is corrosion and relatively inexpensive. Steel is not inherently corrosion resistant, and needs coatings to protect it from the elements. Heavy steel panels […]

Gutter Replacement Brunswick Maryland

Your roof and gutters need to work together to keep your home dry and the structure sound. In the roof picture, we see staining on the shingles. This is a sign of age, but doesn’t automatically  mean that The roof is ready to fail. Modern roof shingles have zinc or copper granules mixed in with […]

Cedar Shake Roofs VS Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Cedar Shake or Asphalt Shingle? We install Natural cedar shake roofs, but more frequently, we remove cedar and replace it with asphalt shingles. The reason is usually that the shingles have warped significantly, opening up gaps between them, or because the cedar has deteriorated to the point of falling apart. In both instances, the roof […]

Large Commercial Roof Replacements in Frederick MD

We recently replaced the roof of a Church in the City of Frederick. This church in Frederick has a very large shingle roof requiring several truckloads of shingles to complete. The project was partially paid for by an insurance claim that we helped facilitate. The structure required improvement to the outdated ventilation system. A large […]

Hard Winter Hard on Roof

Winter freezes and wind can be tough on your roof. Now that the weather is nice, you should walk around your house and look up. Here’s what to look for: The shingles should be laying flat against the shingles immediately below them. There is an adhesive strip on the bottom of every shingle. Changes in […]

Issues Under Your Roof Shingles – Ventilation

Ventilation For Your Roof Issues under the roof shingles Your attic is hot all summer long. The reason is the sun shining on your asphalt roof shingles. They are usually dark in color, and the asphalt is just like the road in front of your house. Too hot to touch. The surprising thing is that […]