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Entry Door Replacement Monrovia MD

Weather is harsh on entry doors in Monrovia Maryland Weather is extremely harsh on wood entry doors. Wood doors require routine maintenance that isn’t always easily to perform given today’s busy lifestyles. When damage is noticed, it is already too late, the damage can not be repaired or undone. This Swinging Patio door in Monrovia […]

Howard County MD R Factor Windows

What are R factors and U factors for windows? The u factor represents the total insulation that the window provides. Previously, the r factor was used. R stands for resistance to heat transmission.  The definition of r 1 is the amount of insulation provided by a 1″ thick board of pine or spruce provides.    So […]

The Benefits Of Considering New Replacement Windows

WHAT ARE THE KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS WHEN CONSIDERING NEW REPLACEMENT WINDOWS? After 25 years of providing beautiful, energy efficient replacement windows, we understand the five features and the benefits that everyone needs to have from their new replacement windows. The ability for both sashes to Tilt in (for double hung windows)                                       Easy cleaning of […]

Windows Are The Eyes Of Your Howard County Home

After 25 years of providing energy efficient replacement windows, focusing on Howard County Homes, we understand the five features that everyone wants from their new windows. They are as follows; The ability for both sashes to Tilt in Makes for easy cleaning of the outside of the glass Maintenance Free No exterior painting or re-glazing […]